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Rectangular End Caps
  • Made from a flexible PVC these caps can be easily molded around irregular rectangular shapes
  • ​Adding protection & offering a neater finish
2.5" x 1.063" x 1.0" length
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> End Caps
  • Half Round Guard - Standard lengths up to 72"
  • Will cut to desired length
  • Can be used as a End Cap/Product Stop or turn upside down and used as a End CAP
  • Made from ABS covered with padding standard..
The 'End CAP / Product STOP'
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Conveyor End Cap/Product Stop is a two in one product for the end of a conveyor line. This standard product mounted from the top of the conveyor serves as a Product Stop. The product can also be reversed and mounted from the bottom and used as an end cap across the end of the conveyor line.
3.5" x 1.5"   x   1.0" length
Conveyor End Cap is a flexible rectangular cap that can be used to protect the employees from the sharp edges at the end of a rail on the conveyor line.