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Inexpensive. Solution.
Our Patented, off-the-shelf plastic guards, end cap/product stops, and leg guards install easily and quickly - and cost as little as 10% of the cost of custom-fabricated steel guards.

"Safety Around Conveyors" is our Mission!
All of our Conveyor Safety improvement solutions are designed to help secure the critical areas around the conveyor to aid in protecting not only the products but more importantly, employees.
  Eliminates torn clothes due to rough         side frame connections
  Provides a place to label and identify         work stations
  Creates a safe work space which in    
    turn creates increased productivity
  Makes old conveyors look new
  Reduces noise levels
  Keeps debris and dust from collecting 
    in the rails
  Protects both worker and conveyor
  Protects product on the conveyor
  Ideal for use as a conduit cover for   
   wires inside conveyor side frame
Don't Waste Money
On custom-fabricated steel guards.

Conveyor Guard cost a fraction of custom-fab solutions!
Reduce Risk. Improve the work place.
 Personal Injuries
 Workers comp claims
 Torn clothes
 Down time
 Fatigue associated with leaning up 
   against hard, sharp conveyor rails
 Finished look of any conveyor system
 Work environment
 Safety of workers
 Ease of bar code identification
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